OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hollywood Screening
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" ...there is something in it that will melt your heart. I love this short film! I found myself smiling from start to finish. It is very light but funny and enjoyable. This is an interesting short film and many people can relate to the story."

Today is Rosh Hashanah. A Rabbi and his student visit a hospital to blow the Shofar, a ram's-horn used in religious ceremonies, for bed-ridden Jewish patients.

"Emunah" is the second short film I've written/directed/produced. This one hits close to home and is heavily inspired by true events. I hope you enjoy!

My directorial debut, Real Talk (Reel Language). This is my first short film. It was written/produced/directed by myself, and it was designed as a comedy sketch. The film is set in an Italian restaurant as we enter in on a first date that suggests a much more "REAL" reality than we are used to.

Team Death Punch exploring: Lake Powell, The Wave, Lower Calf Creek Falls, Buckskin Gulch, Devil's Garden, Devil's Backbone, Bryce Canyon, Goblin Valley, Paw Hole.


I make an appearance in this beautifully crafted drone film of footage taken during a breathtaking adventure I was blessed enough to be part of.